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Health & Safety and Environmental Services in Oman

Today, more than ever, corporations are governed by rules and regulations relating to their health & safety and environmental policies, their impact on employees and the wider community.
With a wealth of experienced industry professionals in-house, at Astutis we are ideally placed to guide and advise our partner organisations on their corporate responsibilities in these fields.

Health and Safety Consultants

Through our training, auditing and expert guidance, our chartered practitioners will help your organisation improve employee welfare standards and create a positive health, safety and environmental culture.

Tailored Training Programmes

If you are seeking to address the training needs of multiple members of your staff, why not take a look at our in-company training? We are able to develop unique training programmes to address the specific needs of your industry and can incorporate your own branding and guidelines.
Choosing to train your employees at your own premises ­ whether it be in a classroom situation or via online learning­ can incur significant cost-savings.

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Expert advice from our experienced health, safety and environmental specialists. Are your policies and procedures up-to-date?

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In-Company Training

Tailored training programmes deliverd at your premises by our experts. Save on the cost of training multiple staff members.

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