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NEBOSH International Diploma Syllabus

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The NEBOSH International Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety is the qualification for those already in a health and safety role looking to develop their skills to an advanced level. It's split into 4 units and builds upon the knowledge gained from the NEBOSH International Certificate.

The course reflects the recent NEBOSH syllabus update (November 2015) adapting the latest international regulatory changes, research and activities in the modern workplace.

Learning Outcomes

The NEBOSH International Diploma will provide you with the ability to:

  • Review health and safety policies and procedures within an organisation and produce justified recommendations to reduce risk and improve health and safety performance.
  • Manage health and safety at an operational level and reduce the costs associated with accidents and ill-health of employees. 
  • Recognise and control all major aspects of health and safety within a workplace.

Each element in each Unit also has it's own learning outcomes. 

NEBOSH International Diploma Course Syllabus

Unit IA: Managing Health and Safety

This unit provides an in-depth understanding of the key areas for managing health and safety on an international scale, covering moral, economic and societal drivers, health and safety management systems and regulating health and safety standards in a global economy.

  • IA1 - Principles of health and safety management
  • IA2 - Regulating health and safety
  • IA3 - Loss causation and incident investigation
  • IA4 - Measuring and reviewing health and safety performance      
  • IA5 - The assessment and evaluation of risk
  • IA6 - Risk control
  • IA7 - Organisational factors
  • IA8 - Human factors
  • IA9 - The role of health & safety practitioner 

Unit IB: Hazardous Substances/Agents

Unit IB covers all major aspects of managing chemical, biological, physical and physiological hazards in the workplace.

  • IB1 - Managing Occupational Health
  • IB2 - Identification, assessment and evaluation of hazardous substances
  • IB3 - The control of hazardous substances
  • IB4 - The monitoring and measuring of hazardous substances
  • IB5 - Biological agents
  • IB6 - Noise and vibration
  • IB7 - Radiation
  • IB8 - Mental ill-health and dealing with violence and aggression at work
  • IB9 - Musculoskeletal risks and controls
  • IB10 - Work environment risks and controls

Unit IC: Workplace and Work Equipment Safety

Unit IC provides a thorough understanding of how to create and manage safe working environments, covering welfare, fire, dangerous substances, work equipment, electricity, construction and transport. 

  • IC1 - Workplace welfare requirements and specific workplace issues
  • IC2 - Fire and explosion
  • IC3 - Workplace fire risk assessment
  • IC4 – The storage, handling and processing of dangerous substances
  • IC5 - Work equipment (general)
  • IC6 - Work equipment (workplace machinery)
  • IC7 - Mobile, lifting, access and work at height equipment
  • IC8 - Electrical safety 
  • IC9 - Construction & works of a temporary nature 
  • IC10 - Workplace transport and managing work-related road risk

Unit DNI: Application of Health and Safety in the Workplace

Unit DNI is an 8,000-word written assignment set by NEBOSH, designed to demonstrate the application of the knowledge you have gained through previous units. 

NEBOSH International Diploma Exams

All four units are mandatory and there are no optional units. Learners can choose to take one, two, three or all four units at the same time, or at different times.

Units IA, IB and IC are each assessed by a three-hour written exam paper. The exams consist of 11 questions split into 2 sections; Section A consisting of 6 ‘short-answer’ questions and Section B consisting of 3 ‘long-answer’ questions. 

Unit DNI is a written assignment which assess the practical application of knowledge gained throughout the course. The completed assignment should be submitted electronically to be marked by external examiners appointed by NEBOSH.

NEBOSH International Diploma Course: Futher Information

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