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Health, Safety and Environmental Training at your Organisation in the UAE

Do you have employees who need training?

If you have staff that need to complete an occupational health and safety or environmental course, we can come to your organisation to train your staff wherever you are based in the United Arab Emirates , or we offer convenient online learning which can be completed anywhere or a combination of both online and tutor-led classroom learning.
We can also develop relevant content with any company specific documents or branding if you require.

Our approach to training your staff

Agree your training need

Our account manager will discuss your objectives for the training in order to develop the best training programme for your staff and understand:
  • the learning outcomes for your staff
  • any company content such as procedures, documents or branding required
  • preferred course method: convenient online learning or class-based training or a mixture
  • practical details such as timescales, location

Course development and tailoring

The best trainer that matches your organisational sector and courese aims, is chosen to work closely with you throughout.  You agree the level of course tailoring (if any) you want. Our team will adapt the course content to suit your requirements for example integrating your relevant documentation, work based scenarios, and logos. 

Course delivery

We deliver exactly the course you have agreed, using the best learning method and timeframe to suit your employees. We work closely with you at every stage of the training experience to ensure we are meeting your training objectives.
We ensure you get a training solution to fit all your staff and organisational requirements including your budget.

To view a list of all our accredited and non accredited courses we offer, click here

Benefits of Health, Safety and Environmental Training at your Organisation 

  • Cost and time saving options to suit your budget.
  • Relevant training for your staff and tailored to your organisational requirements;  your organisational documentation, case studies typical workplace scenarios can be included.
  • Unique materials with your company identity with branding and images.
  • A dedicated account manager to organise all aspects of your training.
  • Convenient training options to suit your employees; choose the best:
    • Learning methods : classroom or online learning or a mixture of the two
    • Timescales, dates and location 

Bespoke Health, Safety and Environmental Courses 

If you have very specific health, safety and environmental requests our experienced tutors and educational experts can design and develop the perfect bespoke course programme for your organisation.

Why Astutis?

Astutis is one of the largest providers of health and safety training worldwide and has helped thousands of individuals and organisations achieve their learning objectives.

Take a look at  the below customer success stories to find out more:

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"The Astutis online learning training system has made an impact; this shows in our accident figures and it has prompted us to put other controls in place, which we have identified through the training. The online learning support team are always easy to contact and very helpful, Astutis have given us a great service at a great price."

Douglas Whitmarsh at AAK Foods


What is the difference between online learning and classroom training at our organisation for our employees?

Classroom training is scheduled at an agreed date, time and location and the training is delivered in person by one of our expert tutors. The training involves a range of activities.
Online learning is online access to the chosen health and safety course for a fixed period of time using a Learning Management System. The learner can complete the multimedia activities in their own time and environment. Tutor support is also available. 

If I have a number of staff who need to start the relevant online course at different times, is that possible?

Yes. We can set up a start date for all your staff at the time you tell us without it affecting the duration of their access.

If I choose online learning as the method of study for a group of our employees can I monitor their progress?

Yes. You will have access to the learning activity report live of your employees on your personalised dashboard on the Learning Management System. You can view how much of the whole course all your staff learners have completed and also for each learner in more detail, for example how many modules they have completed. Astutis can help people with responsibility of managing and reporting on the training of groups of employees.

For online learning, if I don't want to manage my staff's course progress will you send me reports?

Yes. Our online learning administration team can send weekly reports on the status of your staff’s progress if you prefer not to access the learning activity report.

What does the mixture of online learning and online classroom learning mean?

Your staff will be enrolled onto the relevant online health and safety course and you can complement their learning with additional online classroom training. Your dedicated Astutis health and safety tutor will hold the webinars covering the content your staff requires in real time, so they can access the webinars at the same time wherever they are located.

Can we choose where the classroom training takes place?

Yes. You can use a suitable and fully equipped training room in your organisation big enough for your number of delegates. Alternatively, you can choose a convenient conference centre that we can arrange but this will cost more. Our account manager can agree the best training location to suit your needs.

How long will it take to develop a tailored course with our organisational documents included?

This depends on the course content. A quotation of the days required to design and develop the course will be provided. This course development will be charged at a day rate agreed with your dedicated account manager.

How long will it take to develop a specific bespoke course?

This depends on the duration of the course and how much tailoring is required. We will work closely with you to understand your requirements and once we receive your materials we can adapt the course efficiently with appendices of your organisational documentation.