NEBOSH Courses in South Africa

Looking for a recognised health and safety qualification?

NEBOSH certified logo - largeNEBOSH (National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health) is a leading provider of health, safety and environmental qualifications. Their qualifications help to save lives and prevent-life changing injuries by improving workplace safety standards across Africa.

NEBOSH courses are specifically designed to support the role of a modern day risk management professional. Their clear route to qualification helps to progress the profession and support learners in their professional development.

Over 168,000 NEBOSH exams are taken every year, in over 132 countries. 

Who Needs a NEBOSH qualifications?

NEBOSH qualifications are considered essential for those within general management and health and safety roles. Typical job roles which require NEBOSH qualifications are:

  • Health and Safety Officer/Manager
  • Health and Safety Advisor
  • Health and Safety Director
  • Fire Safety Manager
  • HR Manager
  • General Manager

NEBOSH courses are suitable for anyone looking to develop health and safety skills and knowledge, improve job security, or develop a career in health and safety. The type of qualification taken will be determined by how advanced you would like your knowledge to become.

What NEBOSH qualifications are available?

There are three types of NEBOSH course which will allow you to become qualified to different levels. 

  • General Certificate: The NEBOSH General Certificate demonstrates a broad but fundamental understanding of health and safety knowledge. It's the most widely held health and safety qualification around the world making it incredibly popular amongst by employers. 
  • Specialist Certificates: NEBOSH's industry specific certificates build on the core module from the NEBOSH General Certificate and are available in specialist areas such as fire,, construction, oil and gas and the environment. They provide a more focused insight into health and safety management within the respective industry.
  • Diploma: the NEBOSH Diploma is one of the highest-level qualifications that can be achieved and is recognised as the benchmark of a competent health and safety practitioner. Those who pass the NEBOSH Diploma can apply for Chartered Membership of the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (CMIOSH) and Membership of the International Institute Risk and Safety Management (MIIRSM).

Why take a NEBOSH qualification?

There is a variety of reasons you may choose to take a NEBOSH qualification, depending on your circumstances. 90% of health and safety job advertisements specify one or more NEBOSH qualifications, demonstrating they can offer career progression and security as a starting point. NEBOSH qualifications are designed to improve knowledge and understanding of key elements of health and safety, such as hazards, risk assessment and legal compliance, helping you to manage risks in all types of workplaces, either in a health and safety or operational management role.

Improved knowledge leads to improved skills. NEBOSH qualifications will also help you to improve your leadership and interpersonal skills which are crucial to anyone within a health and safety role, giving you the ability to influence and change behaviour through educating your colleagues to use better health and safety practices.

NEBOSH qualifications also look to improve your written communication skills allowing you to prepare reports and documents to report on the health and safety of your workplace in a clear and concise way - something that can be used outside of health and safety responsibilities too!

How to take your NEBOSH course

We offer flexible learning methods for learners all across South Africa. So whether you're studying alone or alongside other colleagues, you're sure to find a NEBOSH course to suit you. 

  • Online: Flexible, interactive learning with ongoing tutor support. Perfect for independent learners and large groups of staff. 
  • Virtual: Live, upbeat, tutor-led training delivered online. Study from home alongside other professionals. It's traditional classroom training with a twist. 
  • In-company: Traditional, tutor-led training delivered to your team, at a venue of your choice. 

Recognition of NEBOSH courses

NEBOSH courses recognised by companies, governments and professional membership bodies around the world. They're accepted for membership of:

  • South African Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (SAIOSH)
  • Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH)
  • International Institute of Risk and Safety Management (IIRSM)
  • Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM)

Find out which is the best NEBOSH course for you

Learn more about NEBOSH courses on our blog or contact our NEBOSH trained advisers who help you choose the best course for your career goals. 

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Select your NEBOSH course

NEBOSH International Diploma

The course for aspiring health & safety professionals
Learn how to take your career to a higher level

NEBOSH International Certificate

The most popular health & safety qualification
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NEBOSH Oil and Gas Certificate

For people with safety responsibilities in oil and gas 
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Why choose NEBOSH training?

Achieving a NEBOSH qualification will mean that you hold an internationally recognised health and safety qualification that will offer you a platform on which to build a successful career in health and safety. Investing in a NEBOSH qualification shows that you are committed to achieving a positive health and safety culture within your organisation.

What NEBOSH Courses are available in South Africa?

In South Africa you can study for the NEBOSH International General Certificate and the NEBOSH International Diploma via online learning. These courses, together with the NEBOSH Oil and Gas Certificate, are also available as tailored learning programmes for multiple delegates at your organisation.

Which is the right NEBOSH training course for me?

If you are taking the first step in a health and safety career, then the NEBOSH International Certificate is an ideal place to start. If you are building on knowledge already gained and would like to progress as a health and safety practitioner, then the NEBOSH International Diploma would be the best qualification for you. If you are working in an oil and gas or petrochemicals capacity then take a look at the specialist NEBOSH Oil and Gas Certificate. For more advice on which course to choose, please get in touch today.

Where can I study for a NEBOSH qualification in South Africa?

If you are looking for an online learning or distance learning NEBOSH course, you are able to study from anywhere in South Africa as these courses are supported by a network of exams. Alternatively, there are classroom courses available at our venue in Cape Town or we can come to you to deliver training at your organisation.

NEBOSH Training and IOSH Membership - your route to CMIOSH status

If your goal is to become a chartered health and safety professional, NEBOSH qualifications will help you get there. One route to CMIOSH status would be to achieve the entry level International Certificate followed by the International Diploma coupled with industry experience.