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NEBOSH Diploma Course in Saudi Arabia

Develop your competence in health and safety

The NEBOSH International Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety is a professional health and safety qualification. It covers everything you need to know and do to be competent health and safety practitioner. You'll learn how to develop strategy, raise safety standards and improve efficiency in your company. 

NEBOSH Diploma Course Facts
Duration NEBOSH recommends approximately 500 hours of study
Units Health and safety management, hazardous agents and workplace/work equipment safety
Exams 3 written exams 
1 practical assignment
What's included? 3 years access to the full course
Tutor support
10 revision webinars
3 mini mock exams

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Why take the NEBOSH Diploma?

The NEBOSH Diploma is a widely recognised, highly sought after qualification. 

Taking the NEBOSH Diploma will give you the knowledge and skills you need to create a focused health and safety strategy in the workplace.  The course will provide you with practical skills that are essential to a long and successful health and safety career.

Almost 50% of advertised health and safety roles ask specifically for applicants who hold the NEBOSH Diploma demonstrating how increasingly important the qualification is.

Who is the NEBOSH Diploma for?

The course is for people already working in health and safety who want to develop their competence, like:

  • Health and Safety Manager, Advisor or Officer
  • Compliance Manager
  • Quality, Risk and Environmental workers
  • Engineers
  • Consultants
  • Directors

NEBOSH Diploma entry requirements

You need to know the fundamentals of health and safety before you start. We always reccommend you take the NEBOSH General Certificate before taking the NEBOSH Diploma. Or have at least 5 years experience working in a health and safety role. That way, you'll have the right level of knowledge to meet the demands of the course. 

You'll also need to have a good level of English to be able to discuss complex issues in your written exam. 

What's covered in the NEBOSH Diploma?

The NEBOSH Diploma takes a risk management approach based on International best practice, including the International Labour Organisations (ILO) codes of practice. It's split into 4 units and covers:

  • Unit IA: Managing health and safety
  • Unit IB: Hazardous agents in the workplace
  • Unit IC: Workplace and work equipment safety
  • Unit DNI: Application of health and safety theory and practice

Read the full NEBOSH Diploma syllabus here. 

How is the NEBOSH Diploma assessed?

Units IA, IB and IC are each assessed with a 3-hour written exam which are held in NEBOSH approved exam centers. We have exam centers in Riyadh, Jeddeh and Dammam. Unit DNI is an 8,000 word assignment which you can submit by email or post. 

You can read about what to expect from the NEBOSH Diploma exams here. 

How long does it take to complete the NEBOSH Diploma?

The NEBOSH Diploma is the same level as a university or college degree, so it requires a lot of hard work and study.  NEBOSH recommends around 500 hours of study in total, but when you complete those hours is up to you. 

You'll have 3 years access to the NEBOSH Diploma online course. 

Is the NEBOSH Diploma recognised in Saudi Arabia? 

Yes! The NEBOSH Diploma is recognised as the mark of a health and safety professional all around the world. It helps to develop the skills and knowledge of health and safety professionals using global best practice, such as the ILO codes of practice, UK legislation, and OHSAS1800/ISO45001 management systems. 

It's accepted by professional membership organisations like IOSH, BCRSP, BCSP and SAIOSH. 

Take your NEBOSH Diploma course online  

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Does the NEBOSH Diploma expire?

No! Once you've achieved your NEBOSH Diploma you won't need to retake any units or refresher courses again. But it's always good to keep up to date with the latest legislation and health and safety news. You can do this by reviewing the latest syllabus, subscribing to health and safety blogs and attending health and safety events. 

Is the NEBOSH Diploma a degree?

The NEBOSH Diploma is a level 6 professional academic qualification. Because it's not awarded by a university or college, it's not classed as a degree. However it's recognised by people in the industry as the same level as a Bachelor degree. 

What's the difference between the International and National Diploma?

The NEBOSH International Diploma and NEBOSH National Diploma are both versions of NEBOSH's flagship qualification, the NEBOSH Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety.

They're technically two seperate qualifications. However they're the same level and hold the same value. They have the same units, elements and learning outcomes. And they both follow the same exam structure and grading system. The course content isn’t that much different either. They both teach you how to manage health and safety based on the “Plan-Do-Check-Act” management system. But they reference different legislation and regulation in the finer details.

How hard is the NEBOSH Diploma?

The NEBOSH Diploma is an advanced qualification, so it’s certainly not easy. Your current level of knowledge and ability to motivate yourself will naturally play a big part on how difficult you find the course. But so will other factors like time, language and your confidence in sitting exams. Take a look at our case studies to see how other learners like you felt about the course.