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IEMA Foundation Certificate in Environmental Management in Saudi Arabia

Your journey to a bright and sustainable career starts here

The drive towards sustainable business has opened up a whole new world of opportunity - and the IEMA Foundation Certificate is your way in. 

This globally recognised certificate will give you valuable insight into global environmental issues and the challenges they place on modern businesses. You'll develop the essential management skills to help your business and community become more sustainable. And you'll get access to exclusive resources, networking opportunities and career guidance with Associate membership of IEMA. 

IEMA Foundation Certificate Course Facts
Duration IEMA reccommend a minumum of 40 hours
Elements 7 elements with 13 learning outcomes
Exam 1 multiple-choice online exam
What is included? 6 months access to the full course
12 months Associate Membership of IEMA (AIEMA)
Exam registration fees
Ongoing tutor and technical support

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Who is the IEMA Foundation Certificate for?

The IEMA Foundation Certificate is for anyone looking to make an impact in an environment or sustainability role. It focuses on environmental management so it's perfect if you're responsible for:

  • Collecting and collating environmental or sustainability data 
  • Completing routine checks on legislative or pollution prevention measures
  • Providing routine advice and information on environmental or sustainability issues
  • Playing a supporting role in small scale projects and programmes

Whether you're new to an environmental or sustainability role and want a quick way of learning the ropes. Or you’re looking to develop a career in environmental sustainability, the IEMA Foundation Certificate is the perfect place to start.

Why take the IEMA Foundation Certificate?

By taking the IEMA Foundation Certificate you'll be able to:

  • Help to reduce your company's carbon footprint and create a more sustainable future
  • Put in place an environmental management system to improve efficiency and performance
  • Keep your company compliant and offer advice on regulatory changes
  • Develop a career in sustainability and enjoy new job opportunities, higher salaries, and increased job satisfaction
  • Get Associate Membership of IEMA (AIEMA) and gain professional recognition for your new skills and knowledge

What's covered in the IEMA Foundation Certificate?

The IEMA Foundation Certificate gives you an understanding of the entire sustainability agenda and how business activities contribute to it on a wider scale. It's divided into 7 elements and covers:

  • Element 1: Core Environmental Principles
  • Element 2: Sustainability and Mega-trends
  • Element 3: Policy and Legislation
  • Element 4: Environmental Management Systems
  • Element 5: Performance Evaluation
  • Element 6: Additional Management and Assessment Tools
  • Element 7: Communication and the Management of Change

Read the full IEMA Foundation Certificate syllabus here. 

How is the IEMA Foundation Certificate assessed?

The IEMA Foundation Certificate is assessed by a 1-hour, multiple-choice online exam. There are 30 questions, each with 4 possible answers. You need to answer 21 questions (70%) to pass.  

You'll get your results and told whether you've passed or failed as soon as you've completed your exam. Provided you've passed, you'll receive your IEMA Foundation Certificate in the post within 12 weeks.

Is the IEMA Foundation Certificate recognised in my country?

Yes! IEMA is an international professional membership organisation. Employers all around the world are calling out for qualified environmental and sustainability professionals. And the IEMA Foundation Certificate will help you get your foot in the company door.

What's more, you don't have to travel to take the course. Our IEMA Foundation Certificate online course lets you study from the comfort of your own home or workplace. Meaning you can get IEMA certified no matter where you are in the world. 

Take your IEMA Foundation Certificate online

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What are the IEMA Foundation Certificate course entry requirements?

There aren't any! You don't need any environmental understanding or experience to take the course. 

What level is the IEMA Foundation Certificate?

The IEMA Foundation Certificate is an entry-level qualification eligible for Associate membership on the IEMA skills map. The Regulatory Qualification Framework (RQF) benchmarks it at a level 3.

How can I study for the IEMA Foundation Certificate?

We offer the IEMA Foundation Certificate through the following learning methods:
  • Online - for individuals and companies looking for a flexible, cost-effective way to learn
  • In-company - for companies looking to train groups of delegates

When will I receive my IEMA results and Certificate?

You should receive your result and IEMA Certificate approximately 8 weeks after the course.

Does the IEMA Foundation Certificate expire?

No! Once you've achieved your certificate you won't need to take the course again. 

IEMA Membership benefits and level

IEMA is the world's largest network of environmental and sustainability professionals. As a member, you'll get access to all the tools and resources you need to make a success in your role.

Keep up to date with all the innovations, regulations and developments that are shaping the industry.  Learn from industry leaders and get insight into what it's like to operate at their level. And immerse yourself in subjects and topics that interest you the most with articles, news feeds, webinars, downloads, events, and members-only access to transform magazine. 

You'll get access to 12 months associate membership of IEMA when you sign up to the IEMA Foundation Certificate. Find out more about the benefits of IEMA Membership here.