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NEBOSH International Diploma Revision Webinars

Get the most out of your revision time

If you're studying the NEBOSH International Diploma course, you may well have found it challenging similar to  many students. It is the qualification that sets you apart from the rest. Having committed a considerable amount of time, effort and money, achieving success is paramount for our learners.

The Astutis NEBOSH International Diploma revision webinars (which are included in the price of your course), provide a unique revision experience in a 10-webinar format led by our International Diploma lead tutors and cover all the units of the course to prepare you well for your exams.

10 NEBOSH International Diploma Webinar Key Facts
Duration 1 hour 30 minutes approximately for each webinar
When Webinars take place in May/ June and November/December
Where They are hosted live on Adobe Connect

Structured online revision sessions

Our series of 10 webinars - addressing carefully selected topics - allow the delegate to re-cap on the more challenging aspects covered in Units IA to ID and review exam questions in a live webinar classroom experience. Led by our experienced tutors (who are also NEBOSH Diploma Examiners), the Astutis webinars complement a delegate's revision and are an ideal way to help you prepare for your exams, with the support of a tutor, without having to leave your desk.

Benefits of the NEBOSH Diploma Revision Webinars

During each revision webinar you will benefit from:

  • Further insight into key topics per Unit that learners find more challenging
  • Exam preparation and revision, reviewing specific exam questions around the topic
  • A classroom experience with an experienced tutor on hand and interaction with other NEBOSH Diploma delegates
  • Participation in presentations and discussions
  • Asking questions and gaining feedback
  • NEBOSH Diploma revision webinar materials and video to download

Please note, the webinars are not substitute teaching sessions about a particular topic, but revision sessions designed to consolidate knowledge and re-cap. You will be expected to have a good level of knowledge about the subject already.

Who are the revision webinars for?

The revision webinars are for delegates studying a Unit or Units of classroom, online learning or distance learning courses and plan to take the exam of their chosen Unit(s) in July or January. They are also suitable for delegates who are retaking a Unit(s).

Revision Webinars Programme

Topics by Unit

Unit IA

  • Webinar 1: Health and safety law covering key points from elements IA8 to IA10
  • Webinar 2: Human factors covering key points from element IA7
  • Webinar 3: Event tree / fault tree analysis covering key points from element IA4

Unit IB

  • Webinar 4: Hazardous substances: monitoring, measuring covering key points from elements from IB1 to IB4
  • Webinar 5: Biological agents, radiation and noise: risks and control covering key points from elements from IB5 to IB7
  • Webinar 6: Psychosocial, musculoskeletal and work environment risks and controls covering key points from elements B8 to B11

Unit IC

  • Webinar 7: Fire safety covering key points from elements IC2 to IC3
  • Webinar 8: Work equipment covering key points from elements IC5 to IC7
  • Webinar 9: Workplace transport covering key points from element IC10

Unit DNI

  • Webinar 10: Briefing with guidance on the practical assignment in Unit DNI. This webinar is used only with all e-learning and distance learning delegates.

Are webinars included in the price?

Yes. Astutis NEBOSH Diploma revision webinars are included in the initial price of the course.

How do I reserve my place on NEBOSH Diploma Webinars?

The webinars take place twice a year in May/June and November/December. You will be notified via email 1 month before the webinars begin (in May and November) to complete a booking form to confirm your place.

Please note

The revision session topics have been chosen by our Diploma tutors as the ones that, in their experience, tend to give learners the most difficulties. Furthermore, the revision sessions are just for that purpose…they are not intended to be a ‘teaching’ session about that topic, so if you choose to attend, you will be expected to have a level of knowledge about the subject already.

As well as looking at specific exam questions around any given topic, you will be given the opportunity to ask questions before and during the session.

What do I need to access the NEBOSH Diploma revision webinars?

Our online revision sessions are delivered over the internet via Adobe Connect. To attend a session you'll need:
  • About 1 hour 30 minutes (including time to login and check your audio)
  • A computer with a reliable internet connection
  • Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer
  • Headphones (with a microphone, if you would like the opportunity to talk turning the session).
Adobe Connect apps are also available for Android and Apple mobile devices.

What do I need to do to attend an online revision session?

You will need to request a place on the session. You will be notified via email 1 month before the webinars begin (in May and November) to complete a booking form to confirm your place. We need to know you want to attend a session, so that we can send you the information you need, like the web address of the online meeting room, how to check your computer is set up before you attend, and any preparation the tutor might want you to do beforehand.

Can i get a copy of the NEBOSH Diploma revision webinars?

The NEBOSH Diploma revision webinars are recorded. Provided you have booked a place on a session, you will be emailed a link to the recording. 

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"The NEBOSH International Diploma webinars have been extremely well attended and we have receieved fabulous feedback....we might see Astutis International Diploma students bettering their results which were already recorded as much as 25% above the average recently!"

Helen Hodges, Head of Astutis E-learning and Development Team