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Working with Panalpina


Panalpina Group is a leading provider of supply chain solutions. They employ over 14,500 people, in 500 offices, in 70 countries. They also have partner companies in another 100 countries.

Panalpina aims to maintain a high level of QHSE across the globe. They're focused on the health and wellbeing of its employees and reducing their impact on the environment. They're the first logistic company to get global certification for ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 across all their sites.

The importance of Safety Champions

Key to Panalpina's strategy are its “Safety Champions”. These are HSE officers responsible for health and safety at their site. They also feedback information to their country's HSE and Sustainability Manager.

Without Safety Champions, standards may fall, resulting in injuries to staff, wasted energy consumption and a negative impact on Panalpina’s global ISO certifications.

Training Safety Champions

Panalpina needed to give their HSE officers the right knowledge so they can carry out their role. They wanted to provide simple guidance on key topics with links to training manuals and videos for more information. The ultimate aim was to help them:

  • Know how to put in place HSE standards in their business unit
  • Know how and what to feedback back to their country's Health and Safety Manager and Sustainability Manager
  • Be part of the global team who focus on the wellbeing of Panalpina's employees
  • Know how to help reduce Panalpina's impact on the environment

"The HSE Officers eLearning training modules have been well received at Panalpina and further enhances the support and resources that we provide to our HSE Officers globally" - Lindsay Zingg, Global Head of Quality, Health, Safety and Environment

Panalpina warehouse

Creating Panalpina's online training

Panalpina were already using a word document manual to train it's Safety Champions. It had 25 topics covering health and safety responsibilities, policies and best practice. Instead of developing new material, Panalpina wanted to present their current training in a way that was engaging, simple to follow and easily accessible. So our team got to work turning Panalpina's manual into online training using Articulate Rise.

"The project to produce the modules with Astutis was very smooth and efficient throughout with clear communication and input from Astutis’s expert advisors"

The original 25 topics were grouped into 5 modules, each covering a different area:

  • QHSE communication
  • Monitoring performance
  • Staying safe
  • Emergency response and business continuity
  • Environmental performance

Our team worked closely with Panalpina at every stage to make sure the content was accurate and relevant. Each module included the HSE Officer's responsibility, which tells the learner what's expected of them in their day-to-day role.

Each module took between 10 and 20 minutes to complete and had a knowledge check at the end. This was to make sure that each learner understood the key things they needed to know to be a successful HSE Officer.

By using Articulate Rise, we were also able to include Panalpina's logo, brand images and links to their relevant training manuals. The modules also had links to useful resources, like the Safety Care website and Global IMS, to give learners more information.

"We now have a fresh, modern eLearning platform with which to use for training with links to valuable resources that ensure focus on health, safety and the environment is maintained at all our locations."


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