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The NEBOSH International Certificate - A Flexible Choice

Eni OjeagaAfter considering embarking on a career path in health and safety for some time, when presented with the prospect of taking up the role of Health and Safety Representative by her former employers, the Royal Norwegian Embassy, Eni Ojeaga, 30, from Nigeria, welcomed the opportunity

A new opportunity

With a new-found area of responsibility, Eni did not take the remit of her role lightly; she immediately decided to give her new job the best possible start by seeking out an appropriate qualification that would serve her well as a foundation on which to build a strong career path. She had a clear aim to excel in the field of health and safety management; it was this personal desire, coupled with the need to function to the best of her ability in her new position and the fact that she knew that the safety of her co-workers was now her responsibility, which motivated her to enrol for further studies.

Assessing the options

After much consideration of the qualifications available to her, Eni opted for the NEBOSH International General Certificate (IGC) because it offered the foundations of learning that she was looking for, and because she knew that it would be an internationally-recognised qualification that could open up many doors in her own country and further afield.

Choosing the right learning partner

Having carefully chosen her preferred course, and knowing that she would not have the time needed to commit to a classroom learning environment, Eni’s next move was to carefully evaluate the accredited training providers that could meet her needs of:

  • flexible study that would fit around her busy schedule;
  • support from experts and peers so that remote learning was not isolating and
  • excellent pass rates as reassurance that the training provider she opted for was able to deliver high success rates.

She says:

“Choosing Astutis was a ‘no-brainer’ for me. I needed a provider that offered online 
options and after doing my research, Astutis was second to none. It had all the elements that were important to me in choosing who to study with.”

Making a start

Having chosen Astutis as her course provider, Eni was further reassured that when the time came, she would be able to access a convenient location for her invigilated exam. She was given immediate access to her course materials via the Astutis Learning Management System (LMS) so that she could start with the next stage of her journey right away.

Of her learning experience, Eni commented:

“My learning experience was one of a kind. I opted for the e-learning course and it afforded me time to concentrate on my day job and also make out time that was suitable and convenient for me to study and practice. The e-learning platform (LMS) is the best I have seen as all elements were broken down in their simplest of forms. Videos were a huge help and the practice questions really helped me in preparing for the exams. I also engaged with other students via the forum where we exchanged ideas and questions as I progressed in my studies.”

Equipped with the right tools

After successfully completing her International General Certificate studies, Eni is NEBOSH certified which she feels has put her in a better position in terms of her career path. Furthermore, she has recently relocated to Europe and she feels that her chosen qualification will stand her in good stead in the local market as it is so well-respected universally.

Before leaving her job to relocate to Europe, Eni helped to positively reposition the perception of occupational Health and Safety in the organisation. The role existed but was in a somewhat dormant state before Eni assumed responsibility and she helped to breathe new life into this essential function. Having sought out the necessary knowledge to perform to the best of her ability in her new-found position, she feels that the role is now not only functional and active, but has also become a topic in every management meeting.

She says:

“Positive changes were actively being made and I was commended several times on my role in identifying and resolving various health and safety issues.”

The Right Qualification for a New Country

Now seeking to further her role in a more definite HSE path, Eni feels that she has an advantage over other candidates in having attained a NEBOSH certificate-level qualification. Testament to her hard work and dedication, Eni passed her certificate course with flying colours (a distinction to be precise!) and is currently furthering her studies with Astutis having enrolled as a NEBOSH International Diploma student. She hopes to sit her Unit A exam in January 2017  and will be actively using the Astutis revision webinars in her preparation.

At Astutis, we believe that a positive attitude such as that held by Eni makes for a formidable force to be reckoned with in terms of health and safety. Establishing buy-in on the subject can be a daunting prospect, but Eni managed to bring the topic to the table in management meetings where it could be championed by company leaders.


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