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NEBOSH International Certificate Exams

Your guide to sitting your exam with Astutis

NEBOSH certified logo - largeThe NEBOSH International General Certificate is assessed in a two step process:

  • IG1: A computer-based open book exam (OBE) and supporting interview
  • IG2: A 3-hour practical risk assessment

You need to pass both assessments to achieve your qualification.

The open book exam replaces the 2-hour written exam for Unit IG1 of the NEBOSH General Certificate. You can now sit both of your NEBOSH exams in your own home or another safe and suitable location.

Upcoming NEBOSH International Certificate Exam Dates

Remember, you need to register for your NEBOSH International General Certificate exam at least 4 weeks before your chosen exam date. 

NEBOSH International General Certificate Open Book Exam Dates

Exam date Registration deadline
06 October 2021 01 September 2021
01 December 2021 27 October 2021
02 February 2022 05 January 2022
06 April 2022 02 March 2022
09 June 2022 03 May 2022
03 August 2022 29 June 2022
05 October 2022 31 August 2022
07 December 2022 02 November 2022

NEBOSH International General Certificate Practical Assignment Submission Dates

Exam date Registration deadline
25 August 2021 21 July 2021
08 September 2021 03 August 2021
06 October 2021 01 September 2021
03 November 2021 29 September 2021
08 December 2021 03 November 2021
12 January 2022 01 December 2021
09 February 2022 05 January 2022
09 March 2022 02 February 2022
06 April 2022 02 March 2022
04 May 2022 25 March 2022
08 June 2022 03 May 2022
06 July 2022 01 June 2022
03 August  2022 29 June 2022
07 September 2022 02 August 2022
05 October 2022 31 August 2022
09 November 2022 05 October 2022
07 December 2022 02 November 2022

NEBOSH Certificate Open Book Exam Process

You'll be emailed login details to the NEBOSH online exam portal 3 days before your exam date. You should take this time to get to know the platform and address any challenges before your exam day. 

Exam day

Your open book exam paper will be available from 09:00 UK-time. At this point, you should download your question paper and answer sheet to your computer to complete. 

You will have 24 hours to complete and submit your exam, although it is expected to take you around 3 hours to complete. 

Closing interviews

Closing interviews are held within the weeks following your Open Book Exam. The interview should last around 10 minutes and will be completed online. 

Don't worry, the interview doesn't impact your marks for your paper. It's simply there to confirm your identity and make sure it was you who completed the exam. 

Your NEBOSH Certificate Exam Results

Results for your exam paper should be emailed to you within 50 days of your exam date. As before, your full qualification will not be complete until you pass your NG2 Practical Submission.

NEBOSH Certificate Exam Resources

Below is a list of useful documents to help you understand and prepare for your NEBOSH Certificate exam. If you have any questions that aren't answered by this page, contact our team at 

NEBOSH OBE learner guide   NEBOSH OBE technical guide

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