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NEBOSH Diploma: Common Questions

What is the NEBOSH International Diploma?

What is the NEBOSH International Diploma?The NEBOSH International Diploma for Occupational Health and Safety Management Professionals is a professional health and safety qualification. It’s designed to teach you everything you need to know about how to be an active, competent health and safety practitioner helping you to develop strategy, raise standards and improve efficiency in your company. 


How long does the NEBOSH International Diploma take to complete?

How long does the NEBOSH Diploma take to complete?Taking any qualification requires time and commitment and the NEBOSH International Diploma is no exception. As well as spending the time to study course materials, you'll also need to dedicate a set amount of hours to private study, revision and exams.


How hard is the NEBOSH International Diploma?

Find out how hard the NEBOSH International Diploma isThe NEBOSH International Diploma is an intense qualification. So, it’s no surprise one of the most common questions our course advisors get asked is “how hard is the course?”. Take a look at the common challenges of taking the NEBOSH International Diploma with advice on how to overcome them. 


Where is the NEBOSH International Diploma Recognised?

Where is the NEBOSH Diploma recognised?NEBOSH works with organisations across the world to help protect people and improve health and safety standards in all types of workplaces. Their flagship qualification, the NEBOSH Diploma, is recognised by membership and accrediting bodies all around the world. 


What to Expect From Your NEBOSH International Diploma Exam?

Read everything you need to know about the NEBOSH Diploma examsTo achieve your full NEBOSH International Diploma qualificaiton, you'll need to pass 3 assessments, one each for Units ID1, ID2 and ID3.  We've gone through everything you need to know about the NEBOSH International Diploma assessments so you know just what to expect. 


NEBOSH International Diploma vs NEBOSH International Certificate

Which NEBOSH course is right for you?The NEBOSH International Diploma and NEBOSH International General Certificate are two of NEBOSH's most popular courses. The choice of which one is best on your largely depends on your current knowledge, experience and ability to learn. Get to know the key difference between the two qualifications here.  


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