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NEBOSH Diploma for Occupational Health and Safety Exams

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NEBOSH certified logo - largeNEBOSH updated the syllabus for the NEBOSH Diploma in April 2021. Please read our guidance on the NEBOSH Diploma for Occupational Health and Safety Management Professionals (2019) syllabus here.

The NEBOSH International Diploma for Occupational Health and Safety (2014 syllabus) is one of the most popular qualifications for advanced health and safety professionals.

To achieve your qualification,  you need to pass 3 written exams and 1 practical assignment. 

Unit IA, IB and IC written exams take place in January and July. Your Unit DNI assignment can be submitted several times throughout the year, after you've completed your 3 written exams. 

Upcoming NEBOSH Diploma exam dates

NEBOSH Diploma Unit A, B and C exam dates

Unit IA Unit IB Unit IC Registration deadline
08 Feb 2022 09 Feb 2022 10 Feb 2022 08 December 2021
12 July 2022 13 July 2022 14 July 2022 12 May 2022

NEBOSH Diploma Unit DNI submission dates

Submission Date Registration deadline
23 February 2022 23 December 2021
25 May 2022 25 March 2022

Where can I sit my NEBOSH Diploma exams?

Astutis has an international network of over 180 exam centers. Get in touch with our course advisors for information on your nearest exam center and to book your NEBOSH Diploma exam. 

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