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National Safe Work Month Australia, 2015

 Sep 2015

SWAus logoNational Safe Work Month 2015 is happening throughout South Australia this October! The campaign, created by Safe Work Australia, encourages people to focus on health and safety practices in their workplace in order to reduce death, injury and disease.

Following on from last year's 'Work Safe, Home Safe' theme and 2013's 'Safety is a Frame of Mind', the theme for this year’s campaign is ‘Be safe. Be healthy. Because…’­ deliberately left open so that people can add their own reasons for being safe and healthy at work. Each week there will be a sub-theme to share some of the many reasons why being safe and healthy at work is important:

  • Be safe be healthy logo SWM Aus 2015Be safe. Be healthy. Because…your actions can support physical and mental health at work
  • Be safe. Be healthy. Because…your family/friends/pets are waiting to welcome you home
  • Be safe. Be healthy. Because…it makes good business sense, and
  • Be safe. Be healthy. Because…there’s so much more to look forward to

Virtual Seminar Series

Keep up-to-date - don't miss your chance to participate in a host of FREE seminars...

Safe Work Australia will be broadcasting several daily seminars throughout October showcasing the latest thinking, innovation and research in work health and safety, examining how work can be designed to ensure workers are safe and businesses more productive.

The interactive seminars will feature business leaders, academics and work health and safety experts sharing ideas, experiences, skills and knowledge to improve the lives of Australian workers. They will also include online Q&A sessions as well as a range of work health and safety resources including case studies, research and data.

Michelle Baxter, CEO of Safe Work Australia emphasised the reasoning behind National Safe Work Month saying:

“Sadly as at 10 September, 111 Australian workers have been killed at work this year. National Safe Work Month is a time to focus on health and safety in your workplace to prevent death, injury and disease, and our online seminars provide a wealth of ideas, experience and insight to improve work health and safety practice across Australia. (It) is all about participation and raising awareness of work health and safety. I encourage you to get involved in the activities and events planned for October, particularly the Virtual Seminar Series.”

Brenig Moore, Lead Tutor and Operations Director at Astutis commented:

"Everyone has someone who needs them home safe and this year's theme is representative of our own personal reasons for staying safe at work. Campaigns such as those of Work Safe Australia are to be applauded. Not only do they offer valuable resources for encouraging employee participation in the workplace - a significant barrier we see time and again as health and safety professionals - but they help us to pause for thought, put a degree of perspective into our daily operations and are important in helping us remember why we entered this profession in the first place."

The (financial) cost of poor safety at work

We all know it's not just the financial cost of accidents at work that needs to be considered when striving for good standards of safety, however a staggering $60.6 Billion AUD was the total cost of work related injury and illness to employers, workers and the community in 2008-2009. Ann Sherry, Chair of Safe Work Australia, said that this year’s seminars will look at how getting the design of work right from the start can improve safety while simultaneously saving money, improving efficiency, and making business more productive, commenting:

“Good work design gives the highest level of protection against harm…It also enhances business success and productivity and workers’ health and well-being.”

Themes for 2015

Each week during National Work Safe Month, Safe Work Australia will be focusing on a different theme highlighting the importance of health and safety in the workplace;

  • Week 1: Mental Health week
  • Week 2: Supply chains and the construction industry
  • Week 3: Safe design and the manufacturing industry
  • Week 4: Safe design of work and work processes

Get Involved

Struggling to encourage employee participation in the workplace on the health and safety front? Why not use October to give the subject a big 'push'? It's time to take action and you can use the resources below to get 'on top of' the subject:

If you need help or advice on your workplace safety training plans, please get in touch with our NEBOSH-trained course advisors.

  • Download the National Safe Work Month electronic information kit...
    • designed to help you raise awareness about work health and safety within your organisation, the kit includes products such as posters, fact sheets, web banners, email templates and national safety statistics and will be available to download soon.
  • Enter the National Safe Work Month Workplace Participation Reward
    • Be in with a chance of winning - the reward will be presented to the organisation displaying the most outstanding spirit, participation, creativity and sustainable initiatives during the month, as judged by photos and stories submitted throughout October. Details about how to submit your photos and stories will be coming soon.
  • Download the free National Safe Work Month smart phone application
    • There's an app for that! Find out about safety events happening near you, read national safety statistics, watch a virtual seminar and enter the Workplace Participation Reward. The app is FREE to download on all mobile devices now.


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