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IEMA Environmental Management Courses

Explore the Path to Environmental Excellence in the Middle East Embark on a transformative journey with IEMA Environmental Management Courses tailored specifically for the dynamic and vibrant Middle East region. These courses offer a unique opportunity to delve into the extraordinary contributions the Middle East makes to environmental sustainability and the significant role it plays in shaping a safer and greener future.

Who is IEMA?

IEMA-Logo-WhiteIEMA (Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment) are the largest professional body for environmental and sustainability practitioners with over 15,000 members worldwide.

IEMA works passionately to advance the environmental profession through qualifications, support and membership. They also create sustainability standards and partnerships to help transform businesses and make them future-proof.

IEMA qualifications are perfect for anyone who is passionate about environmental sustainability issues and looking to progress a career within the industry. 

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Why Take an IEMA Environmental Management Course?

Discover a World of Possibilities: Expand your horizons and unlock a world of career opportunities while minimizing your ecological impact. With our innovative online and virtual delivery methods, you can study from anywhere in the world and connect with a global community of like-minded individuals through Astutis.

Become an Environmental Leader: Immerse yourself in the realms of environmental leadership and gain practical skills that will make a tangible difference in the Middle East. By acquiring an IEMA qualification, you will join the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment the largest professional body for environmental and sustainability practitioners worldwide, with over 15,000 dedicated members.

IEMA: Nurturing Sustainability Professionals: At IEMA, we are fervently dedicated to advancing the environmental profession through invaluable qualifications, unrivaled support, and exclusive membership benefits. We strive to create sustainable standards and foster partnerships that empower businesses in the Middle East and ensure their resilience in the face of future challenges.

Unleash Your Potential: If you are passionate about environmental sustainability and eager to propel your career within the industry, IEMA qualifications are tailor-made for you. Our comprehensive courses cover the entire spectrum of sustainability, equipping you with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the evolving landscape of modern business and drive positive change.

IEMA Membership Levels

Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders: IEMA courses not only enhance your expertise in environmental sustainability but also nurture essential management skills that have a profound impact on the modern marketplace


Associate Membership (AIEMA)

A first step in the membership journey for anyone looking for a career in environment and sustainability. The IEMA Foundation Certificate leads directly to AIEMA membership.

IEMA Foundation


Practitioner Membership (PIEMA)

A recognition of everything you have achieved to make your business future-proof, and your standing in the environmental field. The IEMA Certificate in Environmental Management leads to PIEMA membership.

IEMA Certificate

Where is IEMA Recognised?

A Global Stamp of Excellence: IEMA holds global recognition as a leading professional body, boasting a vast network of members from the UK, America, the Middle East, Europe, New Zealand, Canada, and beyond. Our qualifications resonate across borders and industries, showcasing your expertise and dedication to environmental management on a global scale.

Who Needs an IEMA Environmental Management Course?

By enrolling in our courses, you can safeguard local and global communities, lead by example, and inspire a greener generation. Develop crucial leadership and interpersonal skills that transcend environmental management roles and thrive in any senior position. Elevate Your Impact: Tap into your potential as an influencer and change-maker by educating your colleagues on sustainable practices. IEMA qualifications will empower you to reshape behaviors, catalyze sustainable transformations, and communicate effectively through written reports and performance evaluations at a board level.

The most popular industries demanding environmental sustainability professionals are:

  • Facilities/Property Management
  • Transportation and Storage
  • Electricity and Gas
  • Engineering
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Wholesale and Retail Trade

Do IEMA Environmental Management Qualifications Expire?

The simple answer is, no! While your IEMA qualification remains eternal, staying updated is crucial to ensure continued success and relevance amidst the rapid evolution of the environmental sustainability industry. Discover the Middle East's profound impact on global sustainability, unleash your potential as an environmental leader, and embark on an exceptional career journey with IEMA Environmental Management Courses today.

How to study for an IEMA Environmental Qualification


This is great for traditional learners who prefer text-based study, full colour PDF course notes are provided and can be studied offline on any device, completely at your own pace.


This is perfect if you're a motivated, modern learner. It allows you to work at your own pace, in your own time with support when you need it. It's also the most eco-friendly way to study!


This is ideal if you prefer supported learning and would like regular contact with a tutor and other learners. You'll study alongside other professionals from the comfort of your own home in a virtual classroom setting.

Take your IEMA Course with Astutis

Astutis has helped hundred of learners achieve their IEMA qualification. As one of the only IEMA course providers outside the UK, you'll be well supported with:

  • Quality course materials developed by Environmentalists and Learning Designers
  • Ongoing support from our expert PIEMA Environmental tutors
  • Flexible learning options to suit all learning styles and budgets

Get in touch with our IEMA trained course advisors today and start your journey to sustainability today!

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IEMA Foundation Certificate in Environmental Management

One of the most widely-held environmental qualifications, and the ideal course to begin a career in sustainability.



IEMA Certificate in Environmental Management

Drive environmental change in your business with this IEMA accredited qualification.


IEMA Pathways-to-Net-Zero

IEMA Pathways to Net Zero

Help your business to create a road map towards achieving their net zero goals.



IEMA Sustainability Skills for Managers

Effectively manage with an important focus on sustainable practice.



IEMA Sustainability Skills for the Workforce

Understand the principles of sustainability and how they can help your business.



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