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IEMA Environmental Sustainability Skills for Managers

Upskill your leadership team in sustainability

The world needs to become more sustainable and that means changing the way we do business.  The IEMA Environmental Sustainability Skills for Managers course provides an understanding of environmental sustainability principles and how they contribute to strategic and operational decisions.

Learners will discover how sustainability impacts the value supply chain, the importance of resource efficiency, and how they can improve environmental performance amongst their team and workplace. 

IEMA Sustainability Skills for the Managers Course Facts
Learning Method Online learning
Duration IEMA reccommend around 20 hours
Elements 9 elements
Exam 1 online multiple-choice test
What is included? 6 months access to the full course
Exam registration and certificate
Ongoing tutor and technical support
Learner progress reports
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Who is the IEMA Sustainability Skills for Managers course for?

The IEMA Sustainability Skills for Managers course is for supervisors and managers who need a better understanding of strategic sustainability principles to help drive change in their workplace.

They don't need to be working in an environmental role or have any other environmental sustainability knowledge or experience. 

Why train your staff with the IEMA Sustainability Skills for Managers?

The course focuses on the overall strategic implications of sustainability. Your Manager's will have the knowledge and understanding to:

  • Manage and improve day-to-day sustainability performance on the ground.
  • Make sure their team is working in line with ISO14001.
  • Raise awareness and understanding of sustainable business amongst their team.
  • Report on sustainability performance and suggest new ways for improvement.
  • Contribute to the overall reduction of waste, saving on costs and resources. 

What does the course cover?

IEMA Sustainability Skills for Managers builds on content from IEMA Sustainability Skills for the Workforce. It drills down into the finer details to give managers and supervisors the ability to drive change amongst their team.

The course is split into 9 modules and covers:

  1. Risks and opportunities from environmental sustainability
  2. Laws and other compliance obligations
  3. Key environmental sustainability issues
  4. Improving environmental sustainability performance
  5. Drivers for change and barriers
  6. Using data for performance improvement
  7. Environmental sustainability across the value chain
  8. Improving resource efficiency
  9. Employees and sustainability performance

Syllabus Guide

How is the course assessed?

The course is assessed with a 30 minute, multiple-choice test. It has 20 questions and is hosted by IEMA on their assessment portal.

The test needs to be completed within 28 days of completing the course. Results will be issued straight away and successful learners will receive their IEMA certificate through the post within 12 weeks. 

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What are the course entry requirements?

There aren't any! Learners don't need any environmental sustainability knowledge or experience to take the course. 

What level is the IEMA Sustainability Skills for Managers course?

IEMA Sustainability Skills for Managers is a basic short course for beginners. It'll give your Managers, Supervisors and Team Leaders insight into the strategic implications of sustainability and the steps they can take to improve it on a day-to-day basis.

If you're looking for something more advanced, then take a look at our IEMA Foundation Certificate online course - a globally recognised certificate that'll teach staff with environmental responisbilities how to implement an environmental management system.

What do my staff need to study the IEMA Sustainability Skills for the Managers course?

Learners will need:
  • A computer, tablet or smartphone
  • The latest version of their chosen web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari)
  • Javascript and pop-ups enabled in their web browser
  • A broadband speed of at least 1MB download
Remember, the Astutis support team are always here to help you and your team in setting up or using their course.

What materials will my staff get to support their learning?

Learners will access everything they need to pass their course through our award-winning LMS, including:
  • Interactive course materials with videos and animations to help explain difficult topics
  • Activities to help test their understanding and practice their skills
  • A built-in glossary for instant access to industry-approved definitions and explanations of concepts
  • Additional resources so they can delve deeper into their favourite topics
  • Support from our technical and course team

Can I track each learner's progress and results?

Absolutely! We can give your direct access to the ABSORB LMS reporting and analytics features for all the data you need at your fingertips. The reporting and analytics dashboard empower you to sift through your data and offers up smart actions based on the learners you have selected. You can access essential information including:
  • Learner activity
  • Learner progress
  • Department progress
  • Learner competencies
  • Course activity
  • Tasks
  • Course summary
  • Assessments
Our LMS comes with out-of-the-box commonly used report templates already pre-built and ready to use. But if these LMS reports aren't exactly what you need, we can easily configure new, personalised reports based on your exact preferences. As part of our support to you, we can also configure the LMS to send you learner progress spreadsheet reports on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis.