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IEMA Courses in India

Astutis provide IEMA Certified Foundation and Associate Certificate trainingLooking for a recognised environmental qualification in India?

The number of people taking IEMA environmental qualifications in India is increasing each year. IEMA standards are used to deliver global sustainability and improve environmental performance in organisations at all levels. Employees with the knowledge and skills to manage environmental issues can drive productivity and competitiveness.

lead and deliver sustainability in their organisations at all levels, using IEMA standards as their foundation. - See more at:
lead and deliver sustainability in their organisations at all levels, using IEMA standards as their foundation. - See more at:

Why Should I Take an IEMA Course?

IEMA qualifications:

  • Are internationally recognised
  • Cover sustainability and environmental needs across all industry sectors
  • Will help you and your organisation improve sustainability and environmental performance
  • Are recognised by the Institution of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA)

Astutis is an accredited IEMA course delivery centre and successfully trains delegates each year to achieve their invaluable environmental qualifications led by our Chartered Environmental Tutor.

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If your organisation is based in India and you need your team to develop their environmental knowledge and skills in order to improve environmental standards, look towards an IEMA qualification.
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Foundation Certificate

The qualification for those who have recently become involved with environmental management as part of a wide range of responsibilities.

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What is IEMA?

The Institute of Environmental Management (IEMA) is the world's largest environmental professional body with over 15,000 environment and sustainability professionals. They support individuals and organisations to set, recognise and achieve global sustainability standards and practice.

IEMA Training and IEMA Membership ­

If your goal is to become an environmental professional, IEMA qualifications and membership of IEMA will help you get there. There are a range of membership levels dependent on your level of knowledge, industry experience and qualifications. IEMA membership provides a wide range of benefits available for people with a level of responsibility for environmental issues.
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