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It's European Week for Safety and Health at Work...

 Oct 2016

This week highlights the efforts of EU-OSHA's Healthy Workplaces for All Ages Campaign, which focuses on the promotion of sustainable work and healthy aging throughout working life.

EU2Older workers are a growing part of the workforce and as people work for longer, effective management of Occupational Safety and Health for an ageing workforce has become a priority. With an average of 30% of our lives spent at work, shouldn't we all be enagaged with making our workplaces safer, healthier and more prodcutive?

Providing practical information on how age-related challenges can be addressed at work, an E-guide ( on managing safety and health at work for an ageing workforce has been tailored to over thirty European countries in time for this European Week.

The easy-to-use E-guide is targeted at Employers, Workers, HR Managers and OSH Professionals and each category is further sub-divided with useful bite-sized chunks of information covering:

  • Ageing and work
  • Healthy workplaces for all ages
  • Health promoting workplaces and
  • Return to work

Getting involved

There are lots of ways you can get involved in the 2016 European Week for Safety and Health at Work and learn why promoting sustainable work and healthy ageing from the start of the working life is so important for workers and businesses:

  • Visit the Healthy Workplaces website for practical tools and guidance on managing an aging workplace
  • Explore the Healthy Workplaces for all Ages e-guide and share it with your networks
  • Distribute campaign materials throughout your workplace; information leaflets and powerpoint presentations are available from the Healthy Workplaces website
  • Keep up to date the campaign and share your story on social media

In the Astutis offices this week, we are promoting healthy eating, wellbeing and employing yoga and mindfulness techniques that we learned as part of Wellbeing Week here in the UK last week. What are you doing to promote this important campaign in your workplace?

Information on events throughout Europe can also be found here:


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