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Astutis Launch YouTube Tv Channel

 Jan 2021

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Welcome to Astutis TV!

In 2017, we introduced our YouTube account designed for our learners to preview our online training courses. We’ve just passed the three-year mark, so I wanted to take this opportunity to shout about our new Astutis TV channel that launched on Monday 11 January 2021.

In addition to our 45 existing video’s, we will be introducing a new playlist called #AskAstutis which includes a robust library of content and insider tips. #AskAstutis is an opportunity to shine a spotlight on the burning questions asked by learners all things related to health and safety training as well as our environmental course content.

Ruth Williams, Head of Marketing, Astutis said:

“We are thrilled to add our new Astutis TV channel to our growing list of add-on channels, making our YouTube TV our one-stop shop for our learners in one easy to digest format. Studies have shown that the use of short video clips allows for more efficient learning and memory recall and therefore can aid the learning process.  We are driven as a business to do all we can to support our learner community and anyone for that matter who has an appetite for knowledge."

Find us on YouTube by searching AstutisLtd or click below to subscribe!

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