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Online Stress and Wellbeing Toolkit for your Staff

Help workers take control of their stress and wellbeing

Stress Toolkit IIRSM ApprovedStress levels are quickly increasing in workplaces around the world. If not properly managed, mental ill-health and stress can take its toll on peoples productivity, engagement and ability to work. 

Approved by IIRSM, our online stress and wellbeing toolkit includes advice to help staff:

  • Identify signs of stress and take the steps to control it.
  • Use the STOPP process to control their emotions in challenging situations.
  • Manage their ongoing mental-health for long-term results. 
Stress and Wellbeing Toolkit Key Facts
Duration 60-90 minutes approx
Topics 5
Price Cost savings with multiple licenses - available in 20, 50, 100 or 200 blocks

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Business benefits of health and wellbeing management

An organisations greatest asset is its people, and the biggest asset they have is their health and well-being. As an employer, it makes good business and moral sense to look after your staff's mental health as you'll benefit from:

  • Less days lost from work due to ill-health caused by stress
  • Reduced stress leading to a healthy and happy workforce
  • More motivated and engaged employees leading to improved productivity
  • An improved company culture that's open, inclusive and built on trust
  • Enhanced employer reputation with employees who feel appreciated and cared for

Watch our Online Stress and Wellbeing Toolkit Video

What is the Online Stress and Wellbeing Toolkit about?

Our interactive Online Stress and Well-being Toolkit gives people the skills to control their stress. It includes videos hosted by Clinical Psychologist Dr Abi Lucas and downloadable resources they can use to implement positive changes in their lives. 

They'll learn all about STOPP - a quick and easy process that will help them manage their stress in their professional and personal life. As a result, they'll become more aware of an event that causes them stress and behave in a way that is going to help the situation, rather than make it worse.

Who is the Online Stress and Wellbeing Toolkit for?

Everyone. Whether they struggle with stress on a daily basis or only on occasion, this online resource will help staff proactively manage their stress and offers ongoing support whenever they need.

What does the Online Stress and Wellbeing Toolkit cover?

Recognised and approved by IIRSM (International Institute of Risk and Safety Management), our Online Stress and Wellbeing Toolkit offers advice and techniques to help staff:

  • Identify stress and recognise when it is impacting their day-to-day life
  • Understand that they have control over their response to stress
  • Take control and do something about their initial reactions to stress
  • Have the confidence to use what they've learnt to manage their stress
  • Use the Toolkit for ongoing support whenever they need to

Developing the best stress tool for your staff

We know that not all companies are the same,  that's why we work closely with them to develop a stress and well-being solution that's best for their staff. Our Online Stress and Wellbeing Toolkit can be customised to include challenging situations specific to their workplace. Contact our trained account managers for more information. 

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