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Management of Contractors 

Helping you to achieve success in your projects

Within the UAE the workforce, we understand that the labour market is made up of different nations from all over the world resulting in a mix of standards when carrying out certain types of work. When deciding on using contract labour or specialist contractors to carry out work on your site it can be difficult to determine their level of expertise, the competence of their staff, the condition of equipment they bring onto your site as well as their understanding of your company's needs.

Costs of projects can rise significantly if contractors are not managed carefully; poor management can result in contractors not meeting deadlines,  time lost due to inappropriate standards of work, accidents and incidents.  These failings are all significant costs to you as a business and are completely avoidable if managed properly. 

How Astutis can help you manage your contractors

Our Consultants are experienced in diverse sectors such as construction, military, shipping, logistics, and manufacturing. They have worked on and managed large scale projects and are experienced in the difficulties faced when managing contractors. We can support you in meeting the required standards so your projects run effectively.

Our experienced consultants understand the essential detail required in contractor and project management from checking that highly critical items are considered prior to hiring to carrying out certain checks to ensure criteria are met before offering contracts.

We will understand your needs, create and deliver the right support for your projects. Our consultants can design and develop simple contractor management processes that ensure the correct contractor is selected for your project and the necessary structures are in place to manage them from beginning to end. As a result significant savings are achieved and you as well as your clients are left happy. 

We aim to help you work effectively with your contractors resulting in cost savings and successful projects completed on time.


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