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Legal Registers in the UAE

Achieving compliance of the local legal registers

Compliance of local and regional law within the UAE can be hard with staff from different countries working for your company. We understand it can be a challenge to be compliant with local registers in the UAE with a mix of standards and laws your employees need to work to from, and can create a confusing picture for companies to manage. We can help your organisation make sure your staff are operating effectively and complying with the local registers. 

The UAE is a young nation and still developing many of its own laws and statues for health, safety and environmental management. Our consultants can help businesses to operate within the boundaries of those laws and avoid heavy fines and prosecution.

How Astutis can help

Based on their experience, Astutis consultants can develop legal registers for your business that clearly identify where you are, where you need to be and how to get there. We achieve this by conducting a review of the applicable laws to you and identifying where you are not meeting these laws. We then give advice on how you can comply and will even help you develop internal means of getting there.

The first standard to be met with regards to health and safety is that of the law. As the UAE rapidly develops it own laws it becomes more important that your organisation meet them to avoid fines, prosecutions and essentially significant costs.


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"I needed a training provider who would help fulfil our legal requirements in training and who could adopt that training to our corporate style of work whilst maintaining our values of Integrity, People and Possibilities.  I am pleased to say that Astutis is able to provide that for me."

Graham Taylor - Health & Safety Advisor at National Archives