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Display Screen Equipment Online Toolkit

Help your staff to correctly set up and use DSEDSE Toolkit IIRSM Approved

Understanding how to correctly set up and use Display Screen Equipment (DSE) is very important in improving wellbeing and health at work. 

Approved by IIRSM, our online DSE Toolkit offers an easy to follow guide for your staff to be able to set up all aspects of their workstation and equipment correctly.

Employers have a duty to protect employees from any risks associated with DSE and this flexible toolkit provides a practical, cost-effective solution.

DSE Toolkit Key Facts
Duration 40-60 minutes approx
Topics 5
Price Cost savings with multiple licenses - available in 50, 100 or 200 blocks

Find out more about our Display Screen Equipment Online Toolkit

Business and staff benefits of using this DSE Toolkit

An organisations greatest asset is its people, and the biggest asset they have is their health and well-being. As an employer, it makes good business and moral sense to look after your staff's health when using DSE as you'll benefit from:

  • Improved health, wellbeing and morale of employees
  • Increased productivity through reduced sickness absence
  • Reduced risk of compensation claims for upper limb disorders
  • An improved company culture with employees who feel appreciated and cared for

What is the DSE Online Toolkit about?

Our interactive Display Screen Equipment Online Toolkit gives people the skills to correctly set up and use their equipment, reducing their risk of being affected by upper limb disorders. It includes videos hosted by leading independent Ergonomics Consultant Ed Milnes as well as engaging, easy to use multimedia that is accessible on any device. 

Who is it for?

This toolkit is for anyone who uses Display Screen Equipment as part of their work. Display Screen Equipment or DSE means any device that has a screen that displays information, with typical examples including a computer monitor, laptop, mobile phone or tablet.

What does the DSE Online Toolkit cover?

The fives areas of the DSE Online Toolkit cover the knowledge and practical tools needed to set up a healthy workspace. These include:

  1. How should I set up my workstation?
  2. How can I be more active at work?
  3. How can I best manage my DSE work routine?
  4. How should I best use mobile DSE devices?
  5. How can DSE accessories help me?

Developing the best tools for your staff

We know that not all companies are the same,  which is why we work closely with you to develop a health and well-being solution that's best for your staff. Contact our trained account managers today to find the right solution for your and your staff.

Find out more about our Display Screen Equipment Online Toolkit

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