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Developments in Safety Training

 May 2018

Our partner TüV Nord held a seminar on "How Innovation can Redefine Health and Safety Concerns" in Abu Dhabi on 9 May 2018. Three expert speakers were invited to share their knowledge with HSE Managers on how innovation in health and safety can transform how companies perform.

Learning Experience Manager at Astutis, Helen Hodges BSc (Hons) PGCE MAODE, is drawing on her 20 years of experience in educating professionals and the positive changes she has witnessed in online learning.  Her presentation, "Current trends and future developments in occupational health and safety training" explores how companies can now benefit from choosing the right mix of learning for their staff with the convenience of technology. She refers to the diverse learning methods such as flipped classroom, blended, e-learning, micro learning, social learning, game-based learning for employees to effectively understand concepts and know how to practically use what has been learnt, at work.

Helen Hodges Innovation Learning Seminar

The other presentations at the Seminar were: The Magical Three E's in Safety Management (Evaluation, Education and Enforcement) by Thomas Fernandez, Senior Consultant at TüV Middle East and Importance of Process Safety Management in the Industry by Hari Sathya Narayanan, HSE Manager at TüV Middle East. There was also a panel discussion on Practical Strategies and Technology and How do we Combine them?

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