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What Makes us Different

Our Values

Our core values are the backbone of our activity. They are are the foundation of Astutis’ purpose and continue to drive us everyday. 

Our value’s don’t only distil how we currently operate, but also give the inspiration to move forward, innovate and affect positive change


We’re a longstanding member of the HSE services industry and have built a reputation to be proud of. Our experienced management team have years of experience under their belt, and we continue to grow every day.

Astutis strives to deliver value that isn’t purely transactional. We build meaningful relationships, encourage long-term engagement, and make a tangible difference to the lives, careers and performance of our clients.

“We want to form lasting relationships with everyone choosing Astutis as their partner by being client focussed and responding to individual needs.”

Brenig Moore, Operations Director


We welcome change with open arms and relish the challenge of constantly being ahead of the curve. We don’t only adapt to company and candidate needs, but with the ever-evolving world around us. We’re never afraid of new ideas.

Our diverse market is one of the things that makes us stand out. Working with individuals and companies internationally sharpens our ability to adapt, enables us to help more people, and necessitates exceptional communication and flexible working.


We hold ourselves to a high level of excellence in all that we do because we know how much it means to our clients to feel informed and empowered. The more we put in, the more others can benefit from what we do.

People are important to us. We nurture our internal team and our customers by giving them the right tools and support to reach their full potential, because when it comes down to it, we’re all working towards one collective goal - to be the best we can be.

“We invest in quality systems and skilled people to ensure that wherever in the world an Astutis course is delivered, we can be confident that its quality is second to none.” 

Steve Terry, Managing Director


We make sure that what we deliver is valuable, captivating, and worthwhile. It’s important that every client enjoys their experience with us, so we approach everything we do with creativity, innovation, and a personal touch.

We believe the excitement of an agile workplace is in an ever-evolving industry. We thrive in the opportunity to constantly innovate and the empowerment that comes with it.

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