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New Website Provides Focus for International Operations

 Sep 2014

After almost 9 months in development (and yes, it does still feel like our little baby!), we are pleased to announce the launch of our new international website.

With a clean look and feel and a streamlined approach, the new site has been built from the ground up by our partners at Intergage offering improved functionality, design and ultimately facilitates ease of navigation.

Together, Astutis and the experts at Intergage have re-designed, re-written and moved everything related to the international side of the business over to a brand new platform which will allow for better channels of communication with our audiences.

International WebsiteThe new website features an improved homepage design led by an interactive map which clearly directs users to the areas of the site which will include the most relevant content for them. Furthermore, the site offers a cleaner layout of content and a consistent site-wide navigation system.

A key goal behind establishing the new website was to make it faster and easier to navigate for our users in an age where mobile is overtaking desktop in terms of device usage. This necessitated the site being responsive in its design i.e. render differently according to device making the site easy to navigate on both mobile as well as desktop platforms.

Steve Terry, Managing Director at Astutis said:

“As Astutis continues to grow, we really needed to present information to our international audiences in a more tailored and targeted way. It was essential that our users consistently received the correct communications for them and the only way to achieve this was to address how we presented our products and services. I am delighted that our team have managed to achieve this for our web visitors in a creative, modern and engaging way.”

The impetus behind the content re-write process was also ease of navigation. In order to achieve a smooth click through, we broke down the elements of the qualifications on offer, split them out by mode of study available, highlighted their key differences and answered key questions related to each.

Another key driver behind the re-launch was transparency - we wanted to our clients to get to know us better…who we are, what we stand for and what we do as a company operating in the HSE sector. A look at the re-vamped About pages will bring you up to speed with where we are and where we have come from.

With a staggering number of new pages being created in the re-write process, the system also needed to be easier to manage and update for the team behind the scenes. A re-vamped CMS together with a capacity to store information cleverly in sub-directories and some nifty bespoke time-saving solutions coded by Intergage has meant that that this last goal has also been addressed by Intergage.

Andy Galliers at Intergage oversaw the design aspect of the site and all the clever bits of interactive functionality are the results of both his and his team’s hard work.

Jim Perren, Account Director commented:

“We are absolutely delighted with the finished Astutis International website. It is the result of a lot of hard work from a team that spreads across Astutis and Intergage.

It is a fine example of how to carefully target your marketing messages to specific international audiences and of maximising your chances of converting visitors into enquiries.

And we think it looks pretty good too!”

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